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[ in between the adventures ]

The Dragon Age: Origins Dressing Room
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L A Y O U T + P R O F I L E
For all your DA dressing room needs! Any and all characters from Origins, Awakenings and the books are welcome, which means to say NPCs, PCs, Party Members and pretty much the whole crew. Multiples, diverging AU versions, that's all cool here. Just for peacekeeping's sake, though, there are some things that we'd like you to keep in mind:

➀ PLAY NICE. We're all in this for fun and no one really wants to have some Ogre coming in and stomping over their sandcastles, right? Respect this rule and we'll all get along. Besides, that's what roleplaying's about- enjoying yourself, exploring new things, and just taking it easy. To sum it up: NO WANK, NO DRAMA. They are bad things, and we don't want them.

➁ BASIC RP CONDUCT. All the basic regulations of roleplay conduct apply here. We're not going to stand for any of these: godmodding (unless you're... playing the Maker, in which case- well, okay, just keep this in mind), powerplaying (even if you're playing a blood mage! what this means is, ASK THE OTHER PERSON PERMISSION FIRST), blatant plagiarism (don't even go there), ooc drama (it's not welcome here, as previously stated, so keep it out), and disrespect (in-character? that's fine- can't expect those from the Diamond Quarter and the Casteless to get along, after all. out-of-character? that is NOT GOOD).

➂ IC=/=OOC. Keep in mind that your characters are not you! Someone else might play a character that's obnoxious, gets on your nerves and that you just want to strangle, but THEIR CHARACTER IS NOT THEM. This is a really important guideline, okay, and we'd really appreciate it if you kept this in mind at all times.

➃ ALTERNATE VERSIONS. There are going to be different people playing the same character- and maybe even AU!versions of them! So don't freak out too much if Alistair's suddenly surrounded by a few different versions of Morrigan, that's cool. (Alistair can do all the freaking out for you, anyway). Also, chances are people are going to play characters maybe a little bit differently to the way you might. That's okay! Remember, we're all here to have fun, so that comes before anything else. So no getting up in people's faces and being all 'UR DOING IT WRONG', because that is also a bad thing.

➄ STUFF WHAT YOU WILL GET BANNED FOR. This community exists pretty much for everyone's pleasure and entertainment, so anyone that tries to disrupt that will get banned faster than they can regret it. So all you trolls and haters out there? Yeah, we'd appreciate it if you'd go somewhere else.

➅ RATING. G, PG, R, XXX, whatever -- it's the Dressing Room, right? So anything goes, really. And honestly speaking, Dragon Age: Origins isn't the most kid-friendly of games. The only thing we ask is that if you're going to do something explicit, put it under a community-only lock.

➆ CONCERNS & COMPLAINTS. If you have any questions or queries, please message the mod. Thanks!

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